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London, Ontario, Lawyer Handling Breach-Of-Contract Cases

People and businesses form contracts for many different purposes. An employer requires an employee to sign a non-competition agreement. Two neighbours may have an oral contract to split the cost of snow removal. A commercial property owner protects the property and ensures payment through a commercial lease. While a business is typically on one side of a contract, not all contracts are commercial. It is prudent for anyone entering into a contract, commercial or otherwise, to obtain legal representation, negotiate and draft, and even litigate a contract from time to time. If and when it comes to litigation of that contract, we will be prepared to represent your interests.

Business Contract Disputes

At the law office of Michael Robertson, we have experience handling disputes involving a wide range of business contracts, including:

  • Shotgun clauses
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Sales contracts
  • Manufacturing contracts
  • Distribution contracts
  • Commercial property contracts/commercial leases

Most business contract issues involve disputes over nonpayment, continuation or termination of a contract. However, the spectrum is broad when it comes to commercial contract disputes.

Resolving Contract Disputes, Including Commercial Lease Disputes:
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No matter the disputed issue, at the law office of Michael Robertson litigation is always the last resort. Our goal is to resolve the dispute in an expeditious fashion, so you can get on with your business or personal life. Call Michael Robertson, a London, Ontario, lawyer handling breach-of-contract cases, at 226-289-2119 or contact us online.

With over 30 years of experience, I have the expertise to help with a vast range of legal matters. From slip and fall cases to employment law and much more. I have the knowledge and the commitment you need.
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