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London, Ontario, Lawyer Handling Wrongful Dismissal Claims

At the law office of Michael Robertson, we represent employees in a range of employment law issues, including wrongful dismissal claims. If you feel that you were terminated from a job without adequate or proper notice or compensation, speak to a lawyer right away. A wrongful dismissal claim implies that the employer had no just cause to terminate you. If this is the case and it can successfully be shown that there was no cause for the dismissal and no reasonable notice of termination or payment in lieu of such notice, you will be entitled to an award.

Wrongful Dismissal Damages

The damages that flow from a wrongful dismissal claim depend on various factors not the least of which are the employee’s age, seniority in the workplace and length of employment.

Every wrongful dismissal case is unique, so it is important to talk a lawyer who has experience in the complex area of employment law.

In addition to wrongful dismissal claims, Michael Robertson represents employees in other employment law matters including:

  • Disputes over non-competition agreements or clauses
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Suspensions (with or without pay)
  • Demotions
  • Recordings in an employment file
  • Employee harassment or discrimination claims based on gender, race, creed, disability, religion, sexual preference or other protected categories

Please note that our law firm represents employees of private industry and not union members.

Representing Employees In Non-Competition Agreements And More
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