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London, Ontario, Lawyer Handling Sexual Abuse Claims

Sexual abuse is a crime that is taken very seriously in Ontario and throughout Canada. If you or your child was a victim of sexual abuse, it is important to hire experienced legal representation. At the law office of Michael Robertson, we know that the trauma and emotional hardship you are experiencing is difficult enough without having to deal with the legal aspects of the abuse.

Our goal is to relieve your burdens and stress as much as possible and, with sensitivity and discretion, obtain justice for you and ensure that the perpetrator will never be able to cause this kind of pain ever again.

Michael Robertson handles the following common types of sexual abuse claims:

  1. Sexual abuse of a child: If your child or children have experienced any form of sexual abuse, contact our firm.
  2. Historical sexual abuse claims: We handle claims for people who were sexually abused in the past. The limitation laws for sexual abuse claims may be far more liberal than in other areas of law. Even if many years have passed, speak with a lawyer to see if the abuser might be held responsible for the physical and emotional damages you have endured.
  3. Date rape: With many post-secondary educational institutions in the London area, date rape is not uncommon, unfortunately. If you were sexually assaulted by someone you knew, even if alcohol was involved, talk to a lawyer.

Representing Victims Of Sexual And Physical Abuse:
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